Come on up, we've been expecting you.

Twenty-two floors above the streets of Sydney, awaits an experience to take you back in time. Inspired by the moody, swinging bars of the 1950s, a drinking destination like no other. Come for cocktails, stay for the menu of bold fare.

Playful cocktails.

There’s always more than one way to enjoy a cocktail and our playful menu is full of themed options to satisfy the curious connoisseur. Take a trip or try your luck; choose between Jazz or Rock ‘n’ Roll and let our cocktails dance over your palate.

Whether you’re like Dean and looking for a riff on your favourite spirit, or are ready to say ‘surprise me’ like Nancy, you’ll find that our bartenders have just the thing for every mood.

Simple yet bold fare.

Lean over the marble tabletop and find a menu designed to share amongst friends, old and new, with simple yet bold fare, the perfect pairing to a long night above the city skyline.

Balancing restraint with innovation, our dishes are defined as much by what’s left off the plate as much as what’s on them. Whether you’re looking for a table full of share plates, a quick bar snack to accompany your cocktail or a late-night option to soak up some of the night’s fun, there’s always something to savour here at Dean & Nancy’s.

Trading hours

Open for breakfast from 6.30am to 10.30am weekdays, and 7.00am to 11.00am on weekends.

Cocktails and dinner from 4.30pm Wednesday to Saturday.

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Dean & Nancy on 22
Level 22, 2 Hunter Street Sydney 2000
[email protected]

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